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Inner Golddigger

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Here he is... I know there are many snake ring fans around here, I never found what I felt was the most very perfect snake. The face had to be just perfect, not too cute but not mean, and have a lot of presence; needed to have a tail, be comfortable, and fun to wear. 

I have been test driving him and he's pretty perfect, though in certain lights appears to only have one eye. And so I introduced to you, Ol' One Eye Gus. This is an easy fix, but I kind of like him like this. Nobody's perfect!

Subsequent castings will have both eyes more visible at all times 🙂. And a bonus- he is an awesome fidget! He is very springy and wearing him daily I have found myself taking him off and springing him between my fingers. Who knew?  

size 7-8, easily made in other sizes. 14k. 13.5+g with a tiny flush set diamond, can be placed wherever you like. Custom made to order and takes 2-3 weeks to shipping- ready.

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