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Inner Golddigger

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A skull ring I designed over 25 years ago to memorialize my grandmother, has been a staple, the center of my collection. Last year, I finally did what I've wanted to do for a long time, and cast it. 

Here are details should you like your own bespoke skull.

Solid and weighty at 24+ grams, this is a 14k skull with a one of a kind vine design, similar to the ones pictured  (without the stones) and uniquely yours.

The addition of diamonds or other stones varies wildly, depending on the quantity, size and quality. If you would like 18k, or to set stones of your own to make it even more meaningful, that is possible too!

I look forward to creating more memories, to sharing my artistry, with you. Email me to discuss add ons to this special piece. 

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