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Inner Golddigger

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Chatelaines were essentially Victorian utility belts used by women to hold their keys and whatnots. This silver one had a lovely hand detail, with French boars head hallmarks. It was a beauty, and it took some time to sort out what a new iteration may be for this lovely piece, how to make it useful for the modern woman. It has sat, coveted as is for some time, as a plan began to percolate.

I asked the Jeweler I work with if we could take it apart- bend the clip to make half of a cuff and then match as best as he could on the other side, while salvaging the hallmarks. He said yes- and did a beautiful job.

Though I am most certainly full of gratitude in person when I greet my jeweler for pick ups and drop offs, I cannot celebrate his skill enough. He won't see this, but maybe his ears are ringing :). I told him that when I am able to retire from my day job, I am going to be an intern with him. He smiled and said he hoped by then he would be retired as well, and we laughed. A girl can dream, though.

This chatelaine turned cuff is 19.8g of French silver, approximately 2x2.5" interior measurements.
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