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A stellar tank ring! If you are unfamiliar with the history of tank rings, they were a popular design during what would be deemed the "retro era" during and after the Second World War. Heavy, bold geometric shapes represented the pendulum swinging from more delicate jewelry- especially in France and the US- exemplifying the bold femininity of Hollywood, and a reminder of all the strength women demonstrated on the home front (ie., Rosie the Riveter). The aesthetic took inspiration from tanks (yes, TANKS) drawing also from patterns of trimmings and rope.

Yellow, white, rose gold and lots of color in the way of dark sapphires and rubies (often synthetic as that was also a trend at that time) and big, glorious diamonds, or lines of diamonds or stones marching along edges and crevices.

Yes it is sizable! Though I have to say it makes a delightful pinky ring… .63 ct center diamond framed by 14 princess cut sapphires and 6 2pt diamonds. It is in immaculate condition. size 2.75 (sizable!), 14k white gold, 8.8g.

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